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If you’ve forgotten your Google Password after the factory reset then don’t worry. Because FRP Bypass APK is here to solve your problem.

FRP Bypass APK will help you reset your passwords without any hassle. In this detailed guide, I will tell you how to download and install FRP Bypass APK for android.

Although it is simple to install it on your device, we’ve still written this post to solve your all queries. Google FRP Bypass APK 2022 is a security app developed to secure the device from invaders in case you lose it.

This feature helps the user when he/she wants to try to reset the device but has forgotten the password. You can directly download FRP Bypass APK from the below link.

What is Google FRP Bypass APK?

FRP Bypass APK is an android app that allows anyone to bypass FRP on their android phone. To bypass the FRP, the user must have access to his/her Google account.

This app has a wide range of features, but in case you forget the Google login you’ve to face many difficulties. You find yourself helpless and disappointed in such a scenario.

But don’t worry because we have the solution for you. Now, you can reset your device even if you’ve forgotten the Google account password.

FRP bypass apk

Easy FRP Bypass APK 2022

You may be facing a problem while resetting the Google Factory. The process is really simple to understand and apply.

There are two ways through which you can Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection. You can choose either of the methods that look suitable and easy to you. Usually, mobile phones having Android 5.0 or above already have this security patch.

Our aim is to help you bypass Google FRP if you’ve failed to remember your Google password. To start with the first method, Kindly note that you need a PC with a USB drive and OTG cable. After fulfilling the mentioned requirements, you can follow the below steps:

  • Download the FRP Bypass APK.
  • Copy the apk file to your USB.
  • Start your phone or device which is facing the problem of resetting the password.
  • The setup window will open. Follow the steps as shown in the setup.
  • As you complete the step, the popup window will open and you’ll be asked to fill in your account and password. Yes, we know that you don’t remember your details.
  • So, we have to connect the pen drive with the help of an OTG cable to your phone.
  • As soon as you attach your device that file explorer will open.
  • Now, open the folder where you had copied the FRP Bypass APK.
  • While you are installing the app, the device will stop. Because you’ve downloaded it from unknown sources.
  • You’ve to navigate through the settings of your device and then you’ve to check the “Unknown sources”. It’s done. Your phone has started installing the FRP Bypass APK.
  • You can find the installed app on the home screen or settings.
  • Go to the home screen or settings menu and tap it to open the FRP Bypass APK.
  • Scroll down the list. Click open the backup and reset. Then Tap on the Factory Data Reset. Confirm the procedure.

After you’ve installed the FRP bypass app on your phone, restart it. Now, FRP Bypass will not be an issue for you.

As the phone gets restarted, you’ll be forwarded to add a Google account credential. It’s your choice now whether you’ve to fill in the details or skip because FRP Bypass has done.

Requirements for FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass APK only supports the devices which actually fulfill the requirements.

  • Android L 5.0 Lollipop or above version.
  • A system that has windows as its operating system
  • Internet connection. You could use a hotspot too to connect through the internet.

So we’ve talked about the first method. Now, let’s get on to the second method which is to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG.

How to Bypass Google FRP without OTG

This process is for those who don’t have OTG cable to connect. However, you need Wi-Fi to troubleshoot the issue. Let’s go with the step-by-step procedure.

  • Turn on your phone and follow the steps as shown in the setup.
  • As the FRP screen pops, open your keyboard settings.
  • Navigate the menu button. In the list, click on ‘Help and Feedback”
  • Type whatsoever is coming to your mind in the search option and then tap the “share” option.
  • After step 4, select messaging and then New Message. Type a number in “to”. Select the text and then head towards contact icons.
  • Now here is what you’ve to do – tap on the call icon and then on the new call option. No sooner does the dial pad opens up than type the number: *#*#4636#*#*
  • Navigate to Usage Statistics and then tap on the back arrow key. It will take you to the settings menu.
  • Tap on backup and then reset it. After that, get on to Factory Data Reset. Tap to confirm the process.

Here you’ve done every step of doing FRP Bypass. We hope that you’ve not faced any problems while going through the process.

We’ve listed screenshots for your convenience to understand this frp unlock process. You can follow the steps by looking at the images. This will help you to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection easily in 2022.

FAQ about FRP Bypass APK

Does FRP Bypass APK cost anything?

No, the FRP Bypass apk is free for all. Anyone can download it and use it.

Can FRP Bypass APK be used on Android Device or PC?

Yes, the user can go for FRP Bypass Apk download and install it on your system or device. The app works well with the phones that support Android. If you’ve had an Android operating phone, you are free to download it.

Is it safe to use FRP Bypass Apk?

Yes, you do not have to worry about anything. You are not doing anything illegal and it is also safe to use FRP Bypass Apk if done in a systematic and right way. You cannot bypass the lock without using FRP Bypass APK. This is the only option you are left with.

Does FRP Bypass APK only work on high-end Android devices?

You really do not need high-end devices or smartphones to use FRP Bypass APK. It will work on any android device, doesn’t matter if it’s high-end or low-end.

How long does it take to bypass FRP lock?

It is a very small process and hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes to download and reset it completely.

Final Words

We hope that you’ve got to know how to do FRP Bypass with two different methods. You can choose what works best for you. Installing the frp bypass apk is quite easy but bypassing the lock is difficult. So we published this article to help the users remove frp lock. Just follow the step-by-step process and you will be able to unlock FRP in 2022.

We’ve also shared the best FRP Bypass Tools and how you can use them. Again, if you’ve any doubt you can connect with us in the comments.

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